About Us


Runner Universe is a performance enhancement company whose mission is to improve the knowledge base of motivated coaches and athletes in order to improve athletic performance. We believe that every athlete, regardless of age, sport or perceived ability, has the potential to greatly improve their athletic success when following physiologically sound, scientifically backed training protocols.

Through articles, PDFs, manuals, training logs and training programs written by top runners and specialists in the sports performance industry provide coaches with the most up-to-date Advanced training required to successfully develop and maximize the overall athletic ability of each athlete.

Decades of experience as both athletes and coaches have facilitated the acquisition of a perspective ideally suited to provide the most effective instruction of proper athletic movement for coaches at every level. We encourage athletes and coaches to take advantage of the expansive library of information contained at runneruniverse.com.

Your search for relevant information on athletics development is never more than a click away. Whether you’re diving into our ebooks, logs and training programs or you’re looking for our internationally acclaimed information products, our goal is to assist you in evolving your personal and professional knowledge by providing the most advanced and relevant training information available on the internet.