Irina Privalova Sprint Training Program


Irina Privalova is a Russian athlete who has won gold medals for 100m,200,400mh at the Olympics.Privalova achieved her best time (10.77 s) in the 100m in 1994.

Irina Privalova is currently the world indoor record holder in the 50m (5.96 s), 60m (6.92 s) sprints. She has also been the world indoor champion at the 60m (7.02 s in 1991), 200m (22.15 s in 1993), and 400m (50.23 s in 1995) events.

An important aspect of her training programme is that it is one of double periodisation. The advantages of this method are enumerated and the construction of the programme and the components of each period are described in detail A description is also given of a special type of weight training equipment, which enables the athlete to reduce the time required for strength training.
Emphasis is laid on the positive use of the warm-up through the inclusion of exercises designed to assist in the development of the abilities required for the sprint events.
Finally, a list of the more important tests included in Irina Privalova' programme Is presented and suggestions given regarding the most effective times for the tests to be undertaken.

Vladmir Paraschuk, Privalova’s coach outlined their approach for her highly successful transition from one of the world’s leading female sprinters to Olympic champion at 400m hurdles in one season.

In this PDF training manual presented by her coach Vladamir Paraschuk you will have the following chapters :

– The annual training programme process
– Training methods and characteristics
– The values of tests and the main parameters of training
– Irina Privalova's technical preparation
– Irina Privalova's field demonstration
– General training principles
– Preparation period
– Sprint technique
– Irina Privalova -Appraisal of Her 400M Hurdles Olympic Success



Irina Anatolyevna Privalova (Russian: Ирина Анатольевна Привалова; née Sergeyeva on 22 November 1968) is a Russian athlete who has won a gold medal at the Olympics.

She first competed in the sprint events, winning two Olympic medals in the 100 m and 200 m in 1992 whilst representing the Unified Team.
Irina Privalova had been a formidable competitor during most of the 1990s but had not yet won an outdoor world championship gold medal. In 2000, she gambled successfully and switched to the 400m hurdles discipline winning the Olympic title in Sydney 2000 in 53.02 s and a bronze in the 4 x 400 m relay team for Russia.
It has been suggested that this change at the late age of 31 was because her chances of defeating Marion Jones (the overwhelming favourite for the 100 m/200 m double) were slim and the 400m was also a repeat showdown between Marie-José Pérec and Cathy Freeman from the 1996 Atlanta Games. (That repeat showdown would not happen after Pérec left the Sydney games.)

Irina Privalova is currently the world indoor record holder in the 50m (5.96 s), 60 m (6.92 s) sprints. She has also been the world indoor champion at the 60 m (7.02 s in 1991), 200 m (22.15 s in 1993), and 400 m (50.23 s in 1995) events.

Privalova achieved her best time (10.77 s) in the 100 m for nine years in 1994.


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