Lee Evans Training by Stan Dowell – Train With Pain


Lee Evans detailed training workouts By Stan Dowell

Every time you sprint 400 meters your personal character will be challenged.
Four hundred meters is nothing more than a sprint with pain at the end.

Train to live with this pain.



Lee Evans Training by Stan Dowell – Train With Pain

There are many ways in which to help your athletes to train and to run quality 400 meters races. Coaches look for athletes who can win, become local and national champions, Olympic Champions and World Record holders.

I believe the first important thing to do when working with a young athlete is to find out what It Is that he wants to accomplish.

What are his goals? Does he want to be the fastest in his town? In his state? In his country? The fastest in the World? Before I would work seriously with an athlete I must know what he really wants to do with me helping him.

What does he really want to do with his ability in whatever event he wants to compete in? Once this is defined, I can then set a course that I feel we can work together to help him reach his goal.

Some athletes like being 3rd or 4th in a race; they do not like the pressure of winning.



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